Elizabeth Michael

Liz takes a trip with family to the Beach

Liz take a quick snap shot outside her mom's fabric shop.

On most weekdays, after school Liz travels to her mother's boutique in Brownsville.

Elizabeth Michael

Customers waiting for food under the overpass in Brownsville.

A mother on 125th street gives her some a cool treat form the icee man.

A man in Harlem rides his electric scooter on a crowded sidewalk on 125th street.

Elizabeth is a rising senior at Uncommon Leadership Charter High School. In 9th grade, as part of her school requirements, she took her first photography class. Although at first she had no interest in continuing to pursue photography, the more she familiarized herself with a camera, she began to understand that photography was a form of storytelling. To capture moments translated into her letting others view the world through her eyes.

When she is not out photographing, she sings at her church, dances, and loves school. She also likes being of assistance to anyone who needs it and she attributes her character development to this.

“This fellowship is an opportunity for me to continue to show my viewpoint of the world through my lens and the photos that come out of it.”

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  1. Talecia says:

    I would like to say this is VERY much true. Elizabeth is one of the most diligent people I know and she always stays true to herself no matter how hard things can be and photography is something that she will never put aside. she’s powerful!!

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